Pilar Chavez
Raised in Farmerville California Pilar grew up with an eye for creating flawless hair and has been a professional stylist for 31 years. At the age of 18 pilar took a leap of faith and bought a small salon and Today she enjoys a well-deserved reputation in the valley for her well astablished business with her strong focus on client needs.

Pilar believes that clients should always feel comfortable from the moment they enter the salon. Pilars commitment to the clients and staff is what makes for an amazing experience each time you visit Pilars Golden shears Salon.



Rosa M. Campos
Rosa is one of our Master Stylist with 17 years in the industry.  She has attended the Tigi Academy where she completed the course for cut and color advancement.

She is also one of our well skilled and highly talented permanent makeup technicians. She has an eye for perfection and there is no doubt that you will leave with a flawless new look. Rosa is also certified in Barbering and will give men fades, and even the latest rocker cuts trending right now.

Skills: Color correction, hair color, permanent makeup, barbering

Claudia Reye
Claudia enjoys the time she spends with her clients and having the ability to create a style that is best for them is what makes her job rewarding.

One of her favorite aspects of her profession is that it doesn't get old or feel like work to her but more like her calling. Her attention to detail is what makes Claudia the true professional that she has become today.            

Skills: Cut, color, Barbering, and waxing,

  Rosalia Mendozas
Rosalia is one of our very talented stylist. She really enjoys what she does and theirs no doubt she will take her talents and give you a satisfying result.

Rosalia is not limited to what she can do. She continues her education for whatever styles are trending now. Rosalia enjoys meeting new clients and looks forward to giving people exacting what they come in for. Attention to detail and the ability to create what the client envisions is what makes Rosalia a terrific hairstylist.

Skills: Color correction, highlights, cuts, styles, waxing, Pedicures, Manicures, facials and perms.
  Isabel Granado
Isabel has always wanted to use her creativity and vision in hair design. Isabel enjoys conversing with her clients and always looks forward to making people feel good about the way they look. What really makes her unique is her ability to re-create the vintage design in her hair styles.

She also has mastered the Blowout and Keratin Treatment and can tame dull, frizzy hair using the latest smoothing techniques. She continues to obtain education in all aspects of the beauty industry including facials, tanning, and eyelash extensions. That’s what makes her a terrific stylist.

Skills: color, hair cutting, eyelash extensions, blow outs, perms, waxing
  Rosy Lopez
Rosy has a great smile and great eye for your new style. I am open minded and honest with all of my clients.
    Viviana Ponce
Viviana is our very talented Nail Technician. She has the artistic ability to make your nails really stand out. She has her skills down to a science. If what your wanting is simple, elegant, or down right outrageous there's no reason to go anywhere else.

Viviana will always add her twist to make your nails unique to match your style. She's always giving her clients a little extra sparkle and that's what makes her to go to girl when it comes to beautiful nails.. 



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